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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lisa's Bridal Shower: Provo, UT | Engagement Photography |

–Engagement Photography–
It was an honored to throw a bridal shower for my dear friend. I have been to many bridal showers, but never invited people over. Yes. My first bridal shower planning ever. I already had the Temple cookie cutter, so I had to use it. Well, the cookies expanded and were too fat to look like a Temple, so while the cookies were still in the oven, I had to take out the half-baked cookies and cut them into the shape again. They turned out great at the end. Those lemon ice cubes did not look like the ones from the Pinterest, but they worked. I borrowed some cute flowers, fancy plates, and a vintage lace table cloth from my neighbors. (Live where you can find crafty friends! They always have great ideas for me) I can't just put these fancy food on my KSL table. (Thank goodness!) in order to follow the princess theme. The final result of this party: I think I like throwing a party. It was so much fun!