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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Manicotti: Provo, UT |Food Photography|

–Food Photography–
Lately, I am being a pasta girl. Not just boil pasta and put tomato sauce kind of a girl, but like Manicotti girl. I stil can't say it right. It took longer to cook than I thought (Let's not include the time to set up to take pictures of warm Manicotti), but I loved my new recipe! I got full so quickly and had enough left overs for the next day. I used my scarf for the background and used my NEW family member, Nikon D600! This is the first picture I took with my new baby. Oh boy! I can't stop smiling :)

Manicotti: from Recipe Girl (I didn't use all the cheese from the recipe and used cheese we've already had instead. I think as long as the inside cheese is good to go, it still tastes good)

Nikon D600, 50mm f1.8

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