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Friday, April 18, 2014

Sprout Kids || Utah Lifestyle Photographer ||

–Utah Lifestyle Photographer–
Big thanks to my neighbor (or I call her my friend now :) and her little daughter for showing off their yoga skills in front of everyone on the street. Look at the baby's down-dog... Oh priceless. I can tell that she exrecises better than me. I am sharing a few pictures of the baby eating some candy to make her stay alart and keep going because she is so cute, but I have to tell you that she did such an amazing job like her mama. She was super happy until the very end. I had so much fun photographing you two!
Jeni shared how to find time to exercise with kids on Sprout Blog. Click here to read and learn exercising tips. She said, "Some exercise is better than no exercise at all." True that! P.S. Don't mind the randome baby at the end. She is another cute neighbor friend of mine. She came and joined with us, so I just HAD to snap her cute face.

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