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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Styled Flower Crown Photoshoot||Utah Wedding Photographer||Salt Lake City

–Utah Wedding Photographer–
I don't even know how to describe this photo session with these cute ladies. The flower coronation was defenitely my favorite part. We can pretend that we are princesses, right? Another favorite part of this shoot was that I got to wear one of the most beautiful flower crowns made by Becca (of course)! She is so talented. If you ever need flowers, you need to talk to her and she will make the flowers look even more beautiful, just like her. I've always wanted to wear one, but thought I am not a little girl anymore and wasn't brave eough to wear one. I am glad this opportunity came, so just this once I could feel like a princess. (Yes, I will admit that I still like Little Mermaid) I hope that all of you can see how amazing these ladies are! They put up with me the entire time while I was "helping" them to pose. Thank you so much for such a fun session!
Becca- Skirt: Knols / Top: Urban Wear
Brooke - Skirt: Amazon (plum feather vintage pleated maxi skirt) / Top: Forever 21
Me - Skirt: Relief Society Activity, especially Kate and Mallory/ Top: Ann Taylor 

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