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Thank you so much for visiting Kristen Lisa Photography!  

Why do I love photography so much?
I am not sure if you have seen Asian tourist taking pictures everywhere while they travel. Yep. That's me. I am originally from Tokyo, but moved to Utah when I was in high school. I've always loved photography, but never thought I would be a photographer until I bought my Nikon D80. I can't stop taking pictures! (especially on my iPhone. I have too many random photos). I take too many pictures of our food that my family start eating dinner without me a quite often. 

How did I get into photography?
I've taken some photography classes, but graduated from the Communications major with Public Relations emphasis at Brigham Young University. (This major has helped me so much to become who I am today!) I am equally as passionate as those who have graduated from the photography major. I have a camera and want to take unforgettable pictures. I think that’s why I love photography: capturing memories.

What kind of a photographer am I?
I started out taking pictures of people just because I had a camera that is a little nicer than anyone else, but honestly, I had no clue what I was doing, but simply taking pictures because people thought I was good enough. Then, I realized I don’t want to be good enough, but the photographer who understands the camera, people, and myself as a photographer. As I evaluated my photography, I discover what I love/who I love/where I love. The answer was just right through the lens: PEOPLE. I love talking to you and getting to know your stories. Have you ever met a girl who wants to hear every little detail about where you grew up, why you ended up being where you are, what you do every day, where you met your husband, how you got engaged...etc. Yep. That’s definitely me. I believe that asking questions and getting know people help me take better pictures of you because those pictures become you. I love smile, people, relationships, nature, and happiness. Oh true beauty and joy! When I capture that, I feel Oh so good! That’s the kind of a girl/photographer I am. I am just an ordinary girl who is trying to capture your beauty and smile through the lens :) I hope that we enjoy our journey together through our session.

What do I love to do every day besides photography?
Today, I am working part-time, taking care of the house, doing a local internship (using camera and writing! Yay!), and enjoying my life with my sweet husband. I started baking more after I got married. (Those of you who know me, I don't bake. I cook!) I am truly grateful for my life surrounded by so many wonderful people who have inspired me tremendously. I hope that my pictures can inspire people the same way :)

I am currently based in Chicago, but I have ties to Utah and Tokyo, too!

I hope that I get to know you soon!

Keep Smiling! :)


初めまして。Kristen Lisa Photographyに遊びに来て下さってありがとうございます。

日本人で写真を撮るのが嫌な人あまり会ったこがないですね。私もその内の一人で、小さい頃からピースして写真とるのが大好きでした。でもそれが、何をしてどうやって写真を撮り始めたかというとNikon D80を購入したのがきっかけでした。やはり自分だけのカメラがあると撮りきれませんね。(iPhoneも写真撮り放題だからいつも愛用して使ってます。)いつもいつも写真を撮っていて家族でご飯を食べるときも、ご飯の写真を撮りたいがために家族は私抜きでご飯を食べる日も度々あります。





Keep Smiling! :)

Kristen (クリスティン)